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Sophocles: Mending a Broken Heart

Presenting a book for anyone looking to find their way in life...with some help from ancient wisdom & timeless archetypes

Drawing from concepts in science, religion, art, and pop-culture - Sophocles: Mending a Broken Heart presents as an accessory to therapeutic work. As the forefathers of the profession did, I use the Sophocles play, Oedipus Rex, as a metaphoric backdrop highlighting the emotional journey of attachment and what it means to be human. It is a helpful tool for any client willing to embark on a journey of the psyche.

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What people are saying…

"Reading Sophocles was both an integrative and inspiring experience. As a master's student in integral counseling psychology, my reading echoed both the psychological and transpersonal aspects of my own experience in my program. The concepts and theories throughout the book were grounded in both clinical and personal experience making the book easy to digest. The interwoven threads of both the personal and professional journeys were beautifully relatable and helpful, allowing permission for my own journey to blossom and unfold." ~ Gregory Boccieri ’19 - California Institute of Integral Studies

“This book does a remarkable job of incorporating modern day life examples with the fundamentals of psychological theory. The pop cultural references make this book a fun read.” ~Jennifer Newsom, Human Resource Generalist

“Clifford’s book synthesized and simplified life’s complicated framework, through which I was able to recognize my own internal struggles. Identifying and understanding the journey helped me to become comfortable with my own expectations and life experience.” ~ Steven Schimmel, M.B.A., Engineering Manager

“Clifford's assessment of the "broken heart" is at once archetypal, and at the same time extremely applicable to our contemporary post-modern malaise. The book maintains a very personal touch, while weaving both Eastern and Western psycho-therapeutic frames. Rather than give rehearsed answers to enduring questions, Clifford traces the inter-disciplinary nature of suffering, and how healing can arise from it.” ~ Nate Hinerman, PhD, LMFT, Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology, Golden Gate University."

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