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I work with individuals, families, and couples with a similar mindset: What are the things currently troubling you or your relationship? Do we feel safe discussing those things? What are the needs in the moments of strife? How do I ask for those things in a way that brings me what I need? What is the life I really hope for? My work starts in a simple phase of - "There is a problem that needs fixing." The work expands from there in a variety of ways with the intent of finding a comfortable and safe place we sometimes call home.

Over the course of that time I have come to the conclusion that within a safe, loving atmosphere, anyone can begin to find their own path. Healing starts in an atmosphere that is both safe and comfortable. The challenge is usually most people do not know where to find that atmosphere, or even what it looks like.

The work I do I liken to a bridge; a connection from a troubled and stagnant state to one of reclamation. I do this in a variety of ways, mostly finding and aligning with the emotions and energy of the current moment. I have found this alignment to begin primarily with the body with the simple questions of what am I feeling, and where am I feeling it?

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In association with Yerba Buena Group, a wellness organization.

Yerba Buena Group was started a decade ago with the idea that our imaginations are far more powerful than anything else in the world. Everything that was ever created started off as some sort of dream. Whether it was a day dream, night dream, active imagination, or simply a collaborative conversation. All resolutions started with the question, "What if...?"

The purpose of Yerba Buena Group is to unite individuals, couples, and people with the dreams they have; making the hopes and dreams of life a reality. Together we find a safe place to explore the things that trouble us in order to build a bridge to a more creative, balanced, and healthier life.