Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling in Mill Valley, CA

Starting any counseling process engages with our anxiety, fears, anger, sadness, and depression. The most challenging relationship we have is the one with ourselves and getting to accept these emotions as a part of the struggle in life is often just a starting place. Getting to know and love who we are is a life long project, and moving through all of the defenses, baggage, and opening into that place of vulnerability and compassion is our greatest hope.

I feel there are 5 categories in which we engage in every day: Mind, Body, Soul, Community, Environment. As a somatic therapist, a lot of the initial work I do with clients is slowing the mind down long enough to engage the body to see what is happening and how it may be expressing itself. Once slowed down and engaged, we can begin to engage with the other parts of our every day world.

I start with a simple premise:

  1. This is often the most puzzling question as very rarely does this question get asked. If indeed it is asked, how does it get listened too, valued?
  2. In addition, emotions trigger most of our action and reactions. Understanding these triggers is pivotal.
  1. Most jobs require us to be sitting at a desk or in a chair all day. How do we engage with the body sensations without numbing out our 5 senses?
  2. Studies suggest that about 70% of communication is non-verbal. What are our bodies telling ourselves, telling others?
  3. Linking thoughts to the body is the first step in alignment.
  1. This is where wisdom begins and ends. There are lot of choices available, and we typically succumb to a pattern of behavior without much thought.
  2. This stage is the most important when we begin to engage and communicate in relationship. What do I need from my relationship? What do I want my relationship to know?

The above is a basic outline of how I like to work, and each aspect has many different tangents that lead to a variety of places. I look forward to talking more with you about it.

Below are some links for some of the concepts linked to psychotherapy counseling & relationship counseling that may have piqued your interest.