Experienced in Relationships Counseling.

Individual, Marriage & Family Counselor in Mill Valley, CA Daniel Clifford, LMFT

I work with relationships. As we mature, relationships need to mature as well. Whether the relationship is with yourself, partner, work, or family, I like to work on changing things within the relationship in order to find more joy or fulfillment in life. My background is in grief as I find most of us have unresolved sadness that eventually transforms into a form of grief. I am a somatic based therapist and certified Yoga instructor, with training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Hakomi, and Depth Psychology

I spent some time early on discovering the world of corporate life, and found my vocation in the world of healing and therapy. Our world is constantly changing, which means we are too. I work with individuals and couples with this primary aspect in mind. We know ourselves better than anyone else ever will, it just depends on what voice we are listening to, and what changes we wish to make.

My studies are in depth psychology and I use both expressive arts and dreamwork to access the various points that depth psychology is focused on.

I believe therapy happens not just sitting down on a couch. I do my best as a somatic therapist to make sure the body is grounded and very much included in our work. I do this by incorporating movement into the sessions; this can include taking a long walk outside, walking around the office, or simply holding a Yoga pose and dropping into the emotional experience of it. I also work with energy; the energy we put out into the world, the energy we attract. This will eventually leads to the energy of change. This is often done through engaging with the client’s imaginal world and allowing the imagination to become a reality.

I have been trained and assisted others in the world of Hakomi ( and still work with this practice in mind. I am also involved in and studying Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT –, particularly as it pertains to couples and relationships.

My hope is to act as a conduit and bridge for most anyone who is looking for the more fulfilling place we sometimes call home.